Little Miss Vixen (amidalashari) wrote,
Little Miss Vixen

Kelly Kapoor Story Hour

Title: Kelly Kapoor Story Hour
Fandom: The Office
Character(s): Kelly, Ensemble
Word Count: 179
Rating: PG

Summary: Ten people who may or may not have an opinion about Kelly Kapoor.

Notes: Spoilers up to episode 3:23 - The Job and season four promos.

1. "Seriously?" Toby asks. "Um ... I don't know, she's ... I was allergic to the wood, that's all."

2. Angela simply fixes the camera with a glare.

3. "She's hot," Kevin offers eagerly. "But not as hot as Pam."

4. "One time, she told me she liked my blouse," Phyllis says. After a minute, her smile fades. "She said it hid my body really well."

5. Creed stares at the camera for a beat. "Who?"

6. "Kelly Kapoor is highly inefficient," Dwight proclaims. "If I were in charge of this branch, she would be one of the first to go."

7. "I don't care," Stanley says, and glances back down at his crossword.

8. "High maintenance," Andy says. "Definitely. Cool taste in tunes, though."

9. "Kelly," Oscar says, with a long-suffering sigh, "emailed me three times this morning about Lance Bass. I barely know who that is. And she's invited me to go shopping with her this afternoon." He pauses. "I think I'm going to be busy."

10. "Kelly Kapoor," Ryan repeats, as if the name doesn't quite ring a bell. "Yeah, I think I remember her. Indian chick, right?"
Tags: office: andy, office: angela, office: creed, office: dwight, office: kelly, office: kevin, office: oscar, office: phyllis, office: ryan, office: stanley, office: toby, the office
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