Little Miss Vixen (amidalashari) wrote,
Little Miss Vixen

Always A Bridesmaid

Title: Always A Bridesmaid
Fandom: The Office
Pairing(s): Ryan/Kelly
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG

Summary: Kelly thinks she looks good in white.

Notes: Spoilers up to episode 3:15 - Phyllis' Wedding.

Kelly thinks she looks good in white, and she isn't wrong, exactly -

(There's a moment of panic when the bouquet flies right towards her, because god, he's never, ever going to live this down - he can see it now, pink flowers and cake and tasteful cream invitations with his name on them, and it's like his whole life is flashing before his eyes. He barely has time to step forward, and the second when his hand connects with the bouquet is the most satisfying of his life.)

- but Ryan would be really happy if she never wore the colour again.
Tags: office: kelly, office: ryan, office: ryan/kelly, the office
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